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Here’s What HELOCs and Credit Cards Have in Common – And What They Don’t

Credit cards make it simple to purchase big-ticket items like televisions, computers, and furniture. As long as cardholders have the available balance to cover the cost of the item, it’s…

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Should You Pay with Cash or a Credit Card? It Depends.

A split-second decision at the cash register can have lasting financial consequences. For many, the decision to pay using a credit card may be as simple as flipping a mental…

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The #1 Way Local Credit Unions Differ from Banks

Credit unions and banks compete for your financial deposits. While both types of financial institutions insure those deposits against loss for up to $250,000.00*, credit unions and banks are different.…

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HELOC Myths That Separate Homeowners from Their Mounting Equity

American homeowners have nearly $16 billion in available home equity. Some homeowners will take advantage of the funds available to them by applying for a home equity loan or home…

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Here’s What You Should Know About Checking Accounts Before You Open One

Money management is less of a struggle when a reliable system is used to track personal income and expenses. Trying to keep up with the due dates for next months…

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5 Financial Accounts Every Small Business Owner Should Open (Or At Least Consider)

Opening a new business was both thrilling and yet - a bit overwhelming. The day you flipped the “open” sign or officially contacted your first client filled you with nervous…

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The Difference Between a Mortgage and a HELOC – And How Both Can Reduce Your Tax Bill

You pay your mortgage (and other bills) on time every month, have a habit of keeping credit account balances low, and limiting new lines of credit. So, you’re not surprised…

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Should You Use a Credit Card to Pay for Summer Travel?

Planning your summer vacation can be overwhelming. If you’re one of the nearly 100 million Americans planning a family vacation this year, we understand why. Searching for travel deals, coordinating…

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Budgeting Myths That Keep You Broke

Budgeting myths keep you from experiencing a financial life free from stress and anxiety. A budget, aka spending plan, brings clarity to how you’re spending your money now and can…

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Ask the Expert: 9 tips for Home-Buyers!

By: Attorney Tom Demakis Buying a house is, for most people, the single biggest investment they will ever make. The process can be very stressful, but it does not have…

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