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If you’re looking for a way to securely save and grow your money, you’ll want to learn more about CCU’s flexible money market account offerings.

Money management starts with our emotions. Hard to believe, right? Well, it’s true. You can’t set financial goals for yourself without first understanding your money hang-ups. Money is a heavily emotional topic. A survey from the American Psychological Association found that 72 percent of Americans feel stressed about their finances. But stress isn’t the only […]

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While the holidays have left bank accounts a bit lean, getting personal finances in order early in the year could lead to less stress and more peace with each passing month. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Credit cards make it simple to purchase big-ticket items like televisions, computers, and furniture. As long as cardholders have the available balance to cover the cost of the item, it’s possible to leave the store with a purchase that exceeds their checking account balance. But, what if money is needed to pay for an extensive […]

A split-second decision at the cash register can have lasting financial consequences. For many, the decision to pay using a credit card may be as simple as flipping a mental coin. For others, it’s as paralyzing as choosing the correct answer to the million-dollar question on a popular game show. Paying with cash is sometimes […]

Credit unions and banks compete for your financial deposits. While both types of financial institutions insure those deposits against loss for up to $250,000.00*, credit unions and banks are different. What and how much you receive in return for keeping money in a checking, savings, or investment account has a lot to do with whether […]

American homeowners have nearly $16 billion in available home equity. Some homeowners will take advantage of the funds available to them by applying for a home equity loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC). Others will wait to access their equity when they sell their homes, while another group of financially-strapped homeowners won’t consider […]

Money management is less of a struggle when a reliable system is used to track personal income and expenses. Trying to keep up with the due dates for next months credit card, insurance, utility, and even the occasional vet bill can make the most committed budgeter want to throw in the towel. A checking account […]

Opening a new business was both thrilling and yet – a bit overwhelming. The day you flipped the “open” sign or officially contacted your first client filled you with nervous anticipation. Soon after, the financial realities sank in. Thoughts surrounding cash flow, credit card processing, expansion costs, and additional equipment purchases filled you with anxiety. […]