Transfers & Payments

Community Credit Union gives you the tools and the confidence to go for it. We make it easy and convenient to transfer money, make payments, and more so you can have the freedom to concentrate on what’s important in your life.


Set it and forget it! When you set up automatic payments in Online Banking, your payments will always be on time, every time.  Pay your mortgage or any other Community Credit Union loan automatically, every month.


Make payments that give peace of mind to others. Bank Checks are available at any branch, and accepted anywhere – even more than your personal checks – because they are guaranteed to be paid.


Money Orders offer convenience because of their flexibility and simplicity.  Just come to any branch to purchase them. You can get money orders for any amount up to $1,000. Then just address the money order to your payee. It’s easy and convenient!


Wire transfers allow you to quickly and easily transfer or receive funds domestically between financial institutions. You can even use a wire transfer to send funds to foreign countries, unless restricted by federal regulations.

To send a wire, simply fill out and sign a wire transfer form and pay a small fee.

To receive a wire transfer, you must have a Community Credit Union account. You can even request recurring wires! Just call the branch to get started.


You can pay other people through an online funds transfer as long as you have their email, mobile number, or account number. Learn more.


Don’t wait in line at the teller window to deposit your paycheck or any other monthly payment! Use direct deposit to automatically have that money deposited in any Community Credit Union account. Direct Deposit is easy and you can use it for any type of recurring payment like paychecks, social security, pension, and more.

To set up direct deposit for your paycheck, talk to your human resources department at work and give them our routing number – 211383972 – plus your account number.

If you need help or would like more information, please visit one of our branches or call us at 800-862-7009Become a member today and live more vibrantly!