The Credit Union Difference

Banks and credit unions offer the same types of financial products and services, but there are some big differences in the way credit unions operate.

At most banks, big wigs look to gain profits and benefit their shareholders by driving up fees at the expense of their customers.

Our credit union isn’t like that. We don’t have outsider shareholders to answer to. We answer to you – our members. When you open an account with our credit union, you actually own part of the credit union.

As a credit union, we’re a non-profit financial cooperative. That means we aren’t driven by making money for somebody else. The profits we make are given back to our members in the form of lower fees, higher dividends, or better rates.

People helping people

The credit union credo is “People helping people.” That’s something we stand by whole-heartedly. You’ll also find more security you would at any bank because all of our accounts are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, or NCUA, and the excess is insured by the MSIC.

At Community Credit Union, we come together to bring out the best in our members and our community.